Craft & Chatter ‘casts on’ at M&C

It was a full house for our first Craft & Chatter session hosted by Varis Crafts.

The sessions will take place every Wednesday in The Potting Shed.

Run by Sharon Robertson of Varis Crafts, the weekly event is a chance for like minded individuals to share their love of all things crafty. The sessions are open to any type of craft, and to people at any level from beginners to professionals.

The ethos is about getting together, having a cuppa and a natter and whilst no formal lessons are taught at the sessions, there’s usually someone there to lend a hand.

Sharon said: “The first session at M&C went really well and there was positive feedback from all who were there. We had a mix of knitting, crochet and cross stitch yesterday.”

Sharon added: “I started the Craft & Chatter sessions four years ago for people to come together and share the love of their craft.  I wanted it to have a generic name, open to a range of crafts, not restricted like a ‘knit or natter’ or a ‘stitch and bitch’ could be seen as, so Craft & Chatter was created.

“Initially, I ran one per month but the demand was so high, this increased to two sessions every week. It’s a way of getting crafters of any level together and sharing hints, tips and ideas. So often we craft alone, at home. Getting together round the table, crafting, laughing and sharing our experience can be very rewarding and a lot of fun.

“I love seeing how people’s confidence in their craft has grown and how we can all learn something from those we craft with.”

Each Craft & Chatter will run on a Wednesday morning  from 9.45am-11.45am in The Potting Shed. at Mackenzie & Cruickshank Garden Centre.



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